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All about PET! What is PET? How is it made? What is it used for? And everything about PET recycling, environmental protection and health.

Our mission.

Forum PET in the IK (Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. – German Association for Plastics Packagings and Films) campaigns for the ecological improvement of PET bottles and the cycle management of the raw material PET by high-quality recycling in Germany and Europe.

Members of Forum PET come from all sections of the value creation chain and include PET manufacturers, bottle manufacturers, bottling companies, recycling companies and machine manufacturers.

Recycling - sustainable cycle.

Pet is up to 100% recyclable

Since the introduction of the mandatory deposit in 2003, PET packaging subject to deposit has been collected from retailers in Germany. Thanks to the deposit system, consumers now return 98% of PET bottles. The valuable material is then either refilled or – in the case of returnable bottles – recycled.

PET can be recycled without any problems.

And this conserves resources: if the PET bottles are collected and melted down, new bottles can be produced from the raw material thus obtained. Recycling also saves CO2: the production of new bottles from recycled PET causes 8 times less CO2 than the incineration of disposable bottles.

The deposit on non-refillable PET bottles has helped to ensure that almost all bottles are now recycled, thus avoiding waste.

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